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Problema Routing Vehicle

27 avr. démarrée 0 Réponses

Hi,I Am performing a simulation which consists of a mesh of nodes with some groove at some points in my mesh, additionally in other parts of the mesh are some SINK. the idea is to SOURCE generate…Continuer

advice for shop window graphic

27 avr. démarrée 0 Réponses

Hi,i have been asked to do a complex shop window graphic, with multi colours, i can draw it and cut it, but is the normal way to apply the vinyl on the inside or outside of the glass? inside i don't…Continuer

1970s superstore-era Kroger store interiors?

27 avr. démarrée 0 Réponses

Hi,Kroger is by far the most dominant supermarket chain in my neck of the woods, so naturally I've become well-acquainted with their store styles over the years. I've long been curious what the…Continuer

Help cutting problems bn-20

27 avr. démarrée 0 Réponses

Hi,I have been using a bn-20 for a couple of years now and have managed to have almost seamless use since, but recently I have a problem i cannot figure out. My cutter isnt cutting with the same…Continuer

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